Truk Lagoon (Re-Loaded) February 22nd – March 8th 2019

Here we go again, this is a “Bucket List” must trip, it is simply THE BEST wreck diving on the planet. We will be leaving the UK on Friday 24th February 2017. Courtney at Truk Stop hotel has organised us rooms and a 18 dive package (including dive permit, weights & air) over 9 days, yes thats a FULL 9 days!! of diving, all dives are via the Truck Stop dive boats which leave from the convienience of the hotel pier.

Truk LagoonThis is a fully modifyable dive package and completely adaptable up to 4 dives per day if desired (additional cost is incured, but reasonalble), tech & rebreather diving is completely supported.

You DO NOT need a Technical diving qualification to enjoy the wrecks of Truk, a deep speciality & tech qualifications are of course recommended to open up all posibilities. We are staying at the hotel on a Full Board basis, there is a good bar & the food is very good. We will be arriving back in the UK on March 10th. You need to look at the history of this place as it will simply hook you into a visit with us.



To book a place on this trip we need a deposit of £250 please. The payment scheme will work slightly differently to other trips with the addition of a direct debit option for those who want to spread the payments, you will just need to ensure that the final balance is cleared by the 30th November 2018. Full details of flights etc will be available by March 2018, the price will be @£3900 (based on current flight & hotel costs) however the final price will be unavailable until flights can be arranged early 2018. The price will include all hotel accommodation, transfers, diving and flight costs, remember it is Full Board in Truk.

Please let us know if you are interested in this amazing trip, places have to be limited to 18 due to the dive boats capacity. Drop me an email, call the office on 01522 703116 or advise us via facebook if you are interetsed, DO NOT delay. Thanks Hotch

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