Stellar Webinar’s

Please enjoy our series of webinars:

This is a brilliant resource & recap for anyone wanting knowledge of Dive Planning & Dive Computers. Sit back and let Alex guide you through the history, fundamentals and practical application of Dive Planning.

Following on from the successful launch of Mission Salvation, we have developed a number of working relationships and started contributing to improving the environment. We are delighted to have two guest speakers Rebecca Dunn who has established the fabulous “Wombles of Lincoln” litter picking and campaigning group, and Cate Holborn , the Lincolnshire representative from KeepBritainTidy (RiverCare/BeachCare).Simon and Duncan will also be updating on what has been achieved through Stellar Divers, and what has been planned for later in the year. This is a great opportunity to see what has been achieved so far, and to get involved, please join us.

We are just Apes! Something Mrs Hotch says to me all the time BUT very true. How do babies know how to hold their breath underwater? What is the mammalian reflex response? & why do we share it with Whales? All will become clear in this fascinating presentation from Vic our very own Freediver Instructor.

The bleak truth is – Sharks are in a global decline! Overfishing has reduced many shark populations around the world to levels that threaten their continued existence. Shark numbers have fallen by more than 80% in many cases, and the continued existence of some species is at immediate risk in some regions. Join Ian as he journeys through the amazing world of sharks & shines a light on the efforts that are being taken to preserve these amazing creatures. The presentation and tutorial form part of the theory for the Project AWARE Shark Conservation certification, if you want to add this brilliant speciality to your portfolio contact us after the event for details of how to receive it. If you wish to donate to Project AWARE please send your money via PayPal to and we will facilitate this. Thank you.

We are delighted to introduce guest speaker Georgia Holly from Southampton University. Georgia will be discussing Marine Archaeology focusing on UK waters. Georgia also needs your help & will be introducing an important survey that we can help with. If you are busy the event will be recorded.



Guest speaker Steve Johnson is going to delve into the world of Aquariums. Based on his experience working at Skegness Aquarium Steve will share his experiences specifically the care, conservation focus & well being of Aquarium sharks. Perhaps a controversial topic so please attend and get a great first hand insight.

This is a special treat for you. Lucy Handel is guest speaking for us. Lucy is a Marine biologist who started off working in SEA LIFE Aquariums, eventually curating them. Lucy says “Combining my experience as a diving instructor and experience with new builds I now work in a compliance role and chair our global diving safety to ensure safe working practices across our aquariums and zoos. At the Webinar I’ll be talking about some exciting educational and conservation work we have done, including the world-first SEA LIFE TRUST Beluga Whale Sanctuary in Iceland and some smaller projects, like working with local communities to build coral frames and our British seal rescue”Please follow the attached link to see what this great organisation does:

Now have you ever wondered what it takes to have a career in Marine Biology? Let Lucy Handel PHD BSc Honours (Marine Biology) tell you all about it.

Next in our Webinar series is a real treat for you. Rich Somerset our PADI Territory Director has kindly agreed to guest speak & deliver this webinar. Rich is a passionate diver & an ambassador for ocean conservation he also leads the teams at PADI that support and help us deliver the best possible diver training experience for you. In the webinar Rich will be talking about the history of PADI, giving you an insight into the incredible journey from conception in 1966 to how it became the worlds leading dive training organisation. Enjoy the recording.


Join us on a fascinating journey, dive in & witness some of the most clever marine camouflage you will ever see. If you have ever wondered how sea creatures have evolved an amazing ability to hide in plain sight then pull up a chair, sit back, relax and let Margaret from Stellar Divers Dive Team be your guide supported by her awesome slides.