The Magic of the Maldives

If you want to do the Maldives or if you have been before and loved it then this is the trip for you! We are so excited, one of the highlights (there are many) is Hanifaru Bay and if you don’t know what this is just google it, or watch this video for a taste!

As with all our Maldives trips we will again be aboard the M/Y Voyager, a superb Liveaboard that boasts spacious cabins, three lounges and fantastic sun decks. The vessel is superbly equipped and is superbly suitable for Non Divers who would be very welcome to join. 

The ocean deck is a unique feature allowing guests to relax in the open air while being close to the water. On many evenings the flood lights will illuminate the water just off the ocean deck to attract plankton which brings the manta rays and whale sharks in. There have been many close sightings of feeding mantas and whale sharks, have your camera ready and you might even get splashed!

One of the most outstanding features of M/Y blue Voyager is the custom-built Dhoni (diving suport vessel) blue Shadow. This 19-meter Dhoni is spacious, fast, and equipped with all the modern conveniences that divers want.

All diving will be done from this purpose built boat. Each diver has their own station with plenty of space to store their gear and kit up, and the Dhoni crew are always ready to assist. During the journeys to and from the dive sites, you can ascend the small stairs to the top deck to enjoy the sun and stunning views.

Some of the itinerary highlights are:  


Encompassing 54 Islands, Baa has some of the Maldives best and most beautiful reefs, thilas and channels offering some incredible drop offs, overhangs, caves, sharks, eagle rays and of course Mantas.

Hanifaru Bay

This is a marine protected area in Baa Atoll, it is the size of a football field but is one of the most photographed spots on the planet. It has plankton rich waters where huge numbers of Mantas congregate to feed. At any one time in peak season (when you will be there!!) there can be up to 200 Mantas feeding, oh and not forgetting Whalesharks too they can also be found in number around this bay. Scuba diving is not allowed here but snorkelling is. Convinced yet? Ok there is more

Dhigala Haa

This is a beautiful thila in Baa and is a shark hot spot, you can also find large numbers of jacks, fusilier, snapper, batfish, barracuda and eagle ray to name but a few. There are also caves on this thila housing a large variety of fan corals & soft coral.


Just north of Baa, this Atoll contains a high density of thilas with lagoons, caves, overhangs and drop offs providing vast amounts of marine life pelagics including Mantas & Whalesharks.

Miyaru Fara – North Malé

This is a perfect opportunity to enjoy a channel dive with large numbers of grey reef sharks patrolling the edges of the reef. Simply hang on a reef hook and enjoy the spectacle, you’ll also see barracuda, trevally & tuna on the hunt. There are many large coral heads in the channel boasting stunning fish life.

Okobe Thila – North Malé

A spectacular dive site that comprises three large coral reefs with many different features and an abundance of divers coral. It is a location known to be teaming with fish life including sweet lips, snapper, fusiliers, barracuda, tuna and trevally not forgetting turtles 🙂

Lions Head – North Malé

A beautiful place that is again a protected marine area, the overhang looks like?! Wait for it!! A lions head!! with an abundance of fish life, it is a great opportunity to see turtles and sharks plus hundreds of small fish.

There will be 4 dives per day (location permitting) and the whole itinerary is 7 days in duration, flying out of the UK on Friday 5th November so we can depart Male on the boat Saturday 6th 2021. The boat will return to Male on Saturday 13th November for returning to the UK on Sunday 14th November 2021. The cost of the boat & diving is £1870 per person, it is full board with soft drinks provided as part of the package. Air fare is additional however current bookings are around £700 per person return. To secure your place on this phenomenal trip we will need an £800 per person deposit, the final balance is due August 2021.

Your money is safe, the holiday is fully ATOL Protected so if the holiday is cancelled by Blue O Two (due to Covid) after the final payment then a full refund credit note or refund of money paid will be given by Blue O Two. In these uncertain times it is good to have security.

You can email us at or call the hub on 01522 703116, we have 26 places on board so book early to avoid disappointment.