Trips & Events – Terms & Conditions

We appreciate that situations change and unexpected circumstances come along so in order to make your trip/event experience with us as seamless as possible we would like you to please read our policy statement relating to payment for Trips & Events, thank you.


When agreeing to join a Stellar Divers Limited trip/event a deposit is required to secure your place. The deposit will be 25% of the full cost or £50 whichever amount is greater. The only exception is when coming to Capernwray, if we have booked your accommodation at The Kings Arms we will require a £30 deposit to secure your place.

A place on a trip/event will not be considered secure & confirmed until the deposit is paid to Stellar Divers Limited and receipt of payment confirmed.

If you cancel your place on the trip/event the deposit is non refundable in all but one instance; if a substitute is found for the place that you have vacated then as soon as the substitute pays their deposit a refund will be made to you.

If Stellar Divers Limited cancels the trip/event for any reason other than an occurrence of an “act of god” or “bad weather” then a deposit may be refundable. Admin fees may apply, however in every instance an informed decision will be made by Stellar Divers Limited which will involve the third party hotel/agents/operators and their terms & conditions.

Final Balance:

Stellar Divers Limited will inform you of the required date to pay the final balance remaining for your trip/event. This will be either 12 weeks prior to the event or a date closer to the trip/event decided & published by Stellar Divers Limited.

Payment will be required on the due date otherwise the place will be lost (see above section for deposit re payment information) 

Payment will only be considered received when Stellar Divers Limited confirms receipt.