Epic Scuba Challenge Update

So far just over £1600 raised!! Incredible! How fantastic, thank you so much to everybody that donated, took part or just shared the good news you are all amazing. To the divers: Karl, Sam, Jon, Joe, Siân, Michael, Duncan, Simon, Joe, Alan, Shaun, Jo, James, Niomh, Kevin, Chris, Francois, Jeff, David, Neil, Gary, Mark (Guns) & Rich thank you for being brilliant. The raffle was amazing, £261 raised, thank you to everyone who donated prizes & Maggie for selling the tickets & Sam Ballentine for singlehandedly raising £60. Thank you Zena & Neil for baking some amazing cakes & cookies, they alone raised £29!! A huge thank you to Jacqueline for being a fantastic chef & staffing the kitchen for the day, thank you Mark Bostock, Andy Ransome, Mark Browning & Nigel for a well timed fly by & ariel acrobatics, thank you to the Blue Lagoon Dive Team, Mark, Neil, Gary Joanne & Jay, thank you to Julie for taking loads of great pictures (To follow) what an incredible day and huge thank you from myself, Vic, Sharon & Martin to you all.


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