Equipment sales

We get brilliant deals, as we have preferred accounts with all the main manufacturers, such as Mares, Apeks, Aqua Lung, Cressi, Hollis, Oceanic, Atomic & Poseidon.

When you buy from us, you’re buying from a real bricks n’ mortar dive centre, not faceless online retailer. That means with us you get:

Manufacturer-trained technicians that will set up, check & test your Regulators/BCD’s

Opportunity to try on everything before buying

Our expert guidance & knowledge, and the opportunity to ask us many questions

No postage costs or damaged parcels to worry about

Super easy returns with a real human being, if you need to

How do I order?

It’s the easiest shopping experience you could have, so just sit back, relax & let us do the all the hard work for you.

Have a quick look around for what you want on your search engine of choice, copy the link, then use the popup submitter below. We’ll let you know if we can get it, and how much it will be.

Or better yet, come and visit us at the hub!


Use this form to send us a web link of the product you are interested in. We will see if it is available in our portfolio and get back to you as soon as possible. 

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