A divers week

A great pool session to end the week, as you can see Steve is getting loads of expert advice from the seasoned dive team on correct approach cylinder loading!!!

Steve Thomas - Stellar DiversAnd I have established that age determining software programmes are rubbish!!

We welcome Arian, a great PADI Discover scuba dive with Mark, welcome also Adam, very nice to meet you. Good as always to see George, Tom, Andrea, Darren & Sarah for a swim arounds too.

Well done to Robert, Richard, Jago, Robin, Luis, Benedict, Chloe, Federica, Emma, Joe, Gary & Beccy on your Open Water course.

Old farts!Job well done our DMT’s Petra, Emily & Steve, a fantastic pool skills session, especially Steve getting mad underwater! just Beautiful!

Thanks as always to the Dive Team for your expertise, it’s Stoney Cove at 9am on Thursday & again from 10:30 on Saturday, everyone is welcome to join us for a bimble. Have a great week everyone, Hotch & Vic

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In other news...


WE HAVE so much fun it should be illegal  SO first up it’s welcome Logan & Chloe enjoying a fun packed PADI Discover Scuba Dive,


It’s all go!!

BEHIND the scenes is just as busy! Nice supervision Cathy OH AND then there was the pool; welcome Lee, Adam & Mel enjoying fun PADI