Mick May

Stellar Divers, Lincoln Scuba Diving School & Club - Mick May

I have been diving about 3 years with nearly 100 logged dives and was one of Stellar’s very first students. Under the tuition of Mr Hotch, I completed my MSD in the warm clear waters of the carribean although I don’t mind diving in the UK in the summer months I much prefer warmer waters […]

Hayley May

Hayley May PADI Master Scuba Diver

I have been intrigued by whats below the water for years, In 2011 I decided to have a go at scuba diving.Stellar has taken me from the first nervous pool session (can I breath under water?! No way :-)) all the way to proudly achieving my MSD in July 2014 at stoney cove. As for […]