It’s all water & it’s all fun!

Whether it’s Freediving, Scuba Diving or Paddle boarding it’s all water and it’s all fun!! So here we go…..Congratulations to the newest PADI Freedivers, Steve O & Steve L, well done to Nicky & Jo-Anna too after a brilliant weekend at Scuba Dream
Back home it’s huge congratulations to our Emma, Merope & Ben on superbly becoming PADI Rescue Divers & congrats abound, well done to Rowan & Gary on becoming PADI Open Water divers, on to Advanced Open Water next weekend 🙂 
Sunday pool was a beautiful affair! Welcome Matt, Charlie & Rory, superb PADI Discover Scuba Dives, see you all again soon. Welcome also Alice, Ebony & Paige to your PADI Open Water course, what a great session & hang on welcome Kiera a great PADI Re Activate. 
I’m not done yet 🙂 ……well done Maddie, Reuben, Oscar, Rowan, Angelo, Inês & Kath on your PADI Open Water Course & it’s “Beautiful Job Done” to Ash one major step closer to the PADI IDC Staff Instructor certification. Great to see Fern, Vicky & Amy kicking off their PADI Divemaster & PADI Instructor Development Course respectively. 
As always it’s a massive thank you to the people that make the magic happen; of course it’s the amazing dive team, Ian, Chris W, Petra, Karl, Chrissy, Ben, H, Alice, Sam, Martin, Alex, Ed & on the Freediving side thank you to our Vic & Kathleen at Scuba Dream
We are at Capers next Friday, Saturday & Sunday there may still be space if you want to join us at the lake. Have a great week everyone Hotch & Vic.

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And Breath!!

Ok massive congratulations to Abbie on becoming a PADI Master Scuba Diver! That’s such a huge achievement, well deserved. And the congratulations keep flowing, next up, well done Trevor on gaining a PADI Enriched Air Diver certification, and then to Harry, Julian, Destiny, Harry G & Henry on becoming PADI Scuba Divers. 

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Welcome to our soon to be PADI Pro’s, our new Divemaster candidates Vicky & Fern, you’ll be seeing loads of them from now on.

And to the pool we say welcome Reuben, Caitlin, Oscar & Maddie to your PADI Open Water course, what a brilliant start. Well done Rowan, Inês, Kath, Gary & Michael on your PADI Open Water course and getting some serious practice in for his PADI IDC Staff instructor was our Ash. 

It’s Girton this coming weekend, if you fancy a splash around let me know, have a great week Hotch & Vic