Capernwray – Sheer Joy!!

Sometimes you can just sum things up in a word!! “Beautiful” says it all! What a long weekend that was! Ok sit still here it comes…..congratulations to Jamie, Charlie, Ed, Alex, Chris, Paul, Ben, Cheya, Julie & Anna on becoming stunning PADI Open Water divers! Brilliant!! Congratulations also to Herm, Ross, Josh, Isaac, Cheya, Anna & Ben on becoming PADI Advanced Open Water divers. Oh hang on…congratulations abound; well done Paul & Garry on becoming PADI Dry Suit Divers, to Claire & Stephen on getting your awesome PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy ratings & (flipping heck) to Ed, Alex, Paul & Chris on becoming PADI Adventure Divers! Well done also to John Wick on becoming a Lifeguard!! A life of Speedos and Baywatch inflatables awaits 🙂

Thank you to the simply stunning dive team comprising; Seasick, Ian, Chris W, Petra, Chrissy, Martin, Alex, Sam H, Niel including lovely surface support by Richard. Great to see Tom, Nev, Helen & Heather enjoying a great social AND an as always huge thank you to Ann, Neil and brilliant staff at The King’s Arms Hotel Burton in Kendal – LA6 1LR.

Right, we are at Girton on Saturday & Sunday this coming weekend as well as normal pool on Sunday morning so if you want a bimble around in good company come on down. Have a great week everyone Hotch & Vic.

Capernwray, PADI, Stellar Divers

Diver Soup!!

Streuth! Now that’s what you call a gorgeous diver soup! A monster welcome Mazzer, Sue, Dawn & Chris to your PADI Open Water course, welcome also Daisy, Madeleine, Jay & Thomas oh how we look forward to getting you back in the pool for more excitement! Well done, Max, Mark, Emma, Ned, Michelle, Isabel, Andy, Ray, Isabelle, Ben, Rebekah, Paul, Jamie & Charlie on your PADI Open Water course! Great to see our Seals Charlie, Aidan & Coen having an awesome time & lovely to see our Sarah, Inky, Dan, Nev, Josh & David’O having a swim around. Thank you, thank you & once again thank you to the irrepressible dive team Ian, Siân, Seasick, Chris W, Petra, Dan H, Dredge, John Wick, Chrissy, Martin, Sam B, Chris D, Alex, Neil & new DMT Ben.
We are at Capernwray Fri, Sat & Sun if anyone wants a good few days diving in great company come on up! Have a great week everyone Hotch & Vic.

Stellar Divers, Scuba Diving, Lincolnshire, PADI