I’m so pleased to announce that some normality is returning for us. The Hub is open, (by appointment only for the time being) we are servicing kit & doing air fills so please have a good look at your kit and call us if it needs servicing. In fact if you need any new kit just shout, we have been taking advantage of some great manufacturer’s trade deals so let us know what you’ve googled and we will do our level best to sort you out 🙂

Thorough hygiene measures & social distancing are in place of course.

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Getting back to normal

It’s very nice to be able to say congratulations to Ray on gaining a PADI Enriched Air speciality, another great taste of normality.

You may have noticed that we have been going webinar mad, it’s so great to see so many of you attending. It’s a huge thank you to Chris & Margaret this week. Chris delivered a brilliant session “Buoyancy Plus” & Margaret did her stunning “Wonderfully Weird” Those “Sea Slugs” looked amazing 🙂 We are also managing to keep our instructor candidates Chrissy & Chris D moving along via Zoom, what would we have all done without Zoom & Messenger!!!? 

And (hold onto your excitement!) we will shortly be getting wet again, oh yes!! We are working at our local dive site to bring it online for you, watch this space for announcements. It’s great to see Capers & Stoney coming back online, a lot of club members are booked to go so if you fancy getting back in at one of those sites jump over to the club page and shout out. Have a great week everyone, Hotch & Vic.

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