PADI Instructor

Become one of the most sought-after dive professionals around the world as a PADI Oper Water Scuba Instructor (OWSI). We’ll be your guide, mentor and friend along the way.

There’s a solid reason PADI instructors are so highly sought-after: because they’ve completed the program that sets the standard for training dive professionals. You earn a PADI Instructor rating through hard work and commitment, but you’re rewarded with a job that lets you share incredible underwater adventures with others – transforming their lives for the better and enriching yours.

We are proud to have our very own full time PADI course director. Hotch was one of the first handful of course directors to be updated on the new PADI instructor syllabus in 2019. With over 1000 diver certifications under his belt you are guaranteed the very best and most current pro development possible.

Did we mention we have a 100% PADI IE pass rate too?

1. Course overview

There are two parts to becoming a PADI Instructor; the Instructor Development Course (IDC), and the Instructor Exam (IE).

The IDC is further split into two parts; the Assistant Instructor (AI) and Open Water Scuba Instructor (OWSI) programmes. Most students opt to complete the entire IDC towards the OWSI exam, but you can just take the AI component if you prefer.

You must be at least 18 years old with a minimum of 60 logged dives to begin this course. You’ll also need to have completed the PADI Divemaster course, as well as the Emergency First Response Instructor training within the last 24 months.

On top of this, you need to have also held an entry-level diving certification for at least 6 months, and need to be a PADI member in good standing. Qualifications from other recognised recreational diver training organisations may also count.

Finally, you’ll also need to be medically evaluated and cleared for diving by a physician within the past 12 months. Do note that in the UK, working divers need to annually renew their HSE diving medicals.

2. What you'll learn

During the IDC, our instructor candidates develop their knowledge and skills through independent online study as well as live presentations and workshops conducted & supervised by our PADI course director.

The IDC concentrates on coaching, mentoring & development – not testing. It therefore provides a low-stress environment that frees candidates to learn and concentrate on knowledge and skill development.

Our goal is to deliver world class instructors who are rounded and experienced. The more quality development we can achieve through the IDC the better. Our candidates continue the journey until they can easily & repeatedly achieve the minimum performance requirements to progress beyond the IDC, and onto becoming a teaching status PADI instructor.

The IE is really more of a “checkpoint” along your instructor journey. All the preparation that you have made as an instructor candidate will now be evaluated. It’s important to remember that when you arrive at the IE, you are already an instructor – we wouldn’t put you forward for an IE unless we are supremely confident of your abilities!

The IE is conducted over two days by a PADI instructor examiner using standardised, objective testing criteria. Do remember: the PADI instructor examiner is there to see you pass the IE; they are wonderful people who want to see you fulfil your dream.

3. Equipment

As a dive professional, you’ll really be expected to provide your own scuba kit – and be fully confident in its usage. If you don’t yet have it, and want to look at purchasing your own, we’d be happy to help you.

As a minimum, you’ll need a mask, snorkel, fins, buoyancy compensating jacket (BCD), scuba regulator, underwater compass, dive knife, at least two surface signalling devices, and the instrumentation to monitor your depth and air supply. You can hire cylinders from us, or bring your own in-test cylinders with you to be refilled at the dive site.

You’ll be diving in a range of environments, from an indoor pool to open water dive sites in the UK. You’ll need exposure protection suitable for these environments, and we’d certainly recommend a dry suit for the amount of time you’ll be in open water. If you do dive in a dry suit, you need to ensure you have the correct training for this.

Any equipment you provide yourself must be in a serviced, well-maintained and safe condition. No exceptions!

4. Learning materials

We will send you the PADI Instructor course materials in preparation for your course, which allows you to study at your own pace.

You can complete this on pretty much any device with an internet connection.

There are also a number of in-person classroom sessions to take part in over the 2 week course, too.

5. Course options

There are a few options to choose from, some which have already been discussed above.

In terms of the IDC itself, one route is to join the complete 9 day, full-time IDC with us – just before an IE.

You can also choose to do the IDC as an internship with us, growing your experience, knowledge and skills over a few months prior to the IE. You’ll work closely with our course director & wider team, assisting with dive operations, and student divers throughout. If this is a route you’d like to take, please contact us.

Following your IE, you might also want to consider working towards your MSDT status, where you’ll learn how to deliver and evaluate PADI diver specialty courses.

You’ll complete the full IDC and IE as an Open Water Scuba Instructor. This is the option most choose, but you can also just take the Assistant Instructor route instead – if you prefer.

A transitional step between PADI Divemaster and PADI Instructor. You’ll take around half the IE, and on qualification be able to act as an instructional scuba assistant – assuming limited, yet independent teaching responsibilities.

Following successful completion of your IE, you’ll move straight into progression towards your MSDT status under the careful tutelage of our PADI course director and senior team here at Stellar Divers.

You’ll not only learn how to deliver and evaluate PADI diver specialties, but you’ll also learn the tips, tricks and other nuances that’ll make you a supreme specialty instructor!

Our main package includes Digital Underwater Photography, Enriched Air Nitrox, DSMB, Diver Propulsion Vehicle, and Emergency Oxygen Provider. Other options are available, so contact us for more details.

Congrats on your achievement on becoming a PADI instructor! Why not take the next step on your professional journey?

You’ll not only learn how to deliver and evaluate PADI diver specialties, but you’ll also learn the tips, tricks and other nuances that’ll make you a supreme specialty instructor!

Our main package includes Digital Underwater Photography, Enriched Air Nitrox, DSMB, Diver Propulsion Vehicle, and Emergency Oxygen Provider. Other options are available, so contact us for more details.

Ready to start?

You can book and pay for your course with us online, either for yourself or someone else. We’ll send over any e-Learning content to your email, and we can then work with you on suitable dates and times for any practical sessions.

We have availability throughout the year, although if you have specific dates or a timeline in mind, please check with us first.

Your next adventure...

Once you’ve aced your IE, it’s still all just part of a greater professional journey. You’ll likely want to spend time gaining experience and honing your skills further – and what better way to do this by training for PADI instructor specialties! It’s also a stepping stone towards your Master Scuba Diver Trainer (MSDT) status!

Taking it one step further, move from instructor to leader; from coach to mentor. As a PADI Staff Instructor, be the one to pass the message & feeling of diving directly to the next generation of PADI professionals. Join a very elite group and push yourself into the challenge of achieving the ultimate instructor ratin!

The Stellar Crew

We have a very straightforward philosophy; we are totally committed to ensuring you – our customer – have the best, safest and most enjoyable experience possible. It’s as simple as that!

Here at Stellar, we all love to scuba dive, and we love to have fun doing it. We absolutely want you to feel the same way when you dive with us.

We can very proudly boast that we’re a PADI 5-star Instructor Development Centre. Put simply, this means we also train the trainers – so naturally we take our education of safe diving very seriously. You’re in safe hands, and you’ll have a lot of fun in the process too.

Assistant instructors act as an instructional scuba assistant, assuming a limited yet independent teaching responsibility. It’s a great way to gain experience in order to become a scuba instructor!

Assistant instructors can perform all the same responsibilites as Divemasters, plus:

  • Independently conduct the PADI Seal Team programme

  • Independently conduct the PADI Bubblemaker programme

  • Independently conduct the Discover Scuba Diving programme

  • Independently teach the Project AWARE specialty course

  • Independently teach the Coral Reef Conservation specialty course

  • Teach and certify students of the Peak Performance Buoyancy specialty course under direction of an instructor

  • Present the knowledge development elaboration for any PADI Diver course under an instructor’s indirect supervision (the instructor will perform the assessment)

  • Present initial skills training under the direct supervision of an instructor

  • Conduct open water surface skill evaluations for the Open Water course under an instructor’s indirect supervision

  • Teach and certify divers in specialty courses that don’t include dives (after earning the corresponding rating)

  • Conduct Digital Underwater Photographer specialty courses under the direction of an instructor (after earning the corresponding rating)