Super Dooper – 2022 here we go!!!

IT’S thumbs up from Lottie as we kick off 2022 in the pool. Albeit a temporary relocation to LSST pool while Yarborough gets fixed.


APOLOGIES to all our Customers who need “water in which too deep to stand” to continue the scuba journey, the 1.2m meters at LSST just isn’t enough to complete a PADI Open Water course so thank you for your patience.

MEANWHILE shallow is perfect for our PADI Discover Scuba Divers so it’s welcome to Lottie, Sharon, Jez, Ian & Rosie. Also welcome to your PADI Open Water course Kev & Vanessa Great to see Julian & Peter having a great time on their PADI Freediver course too.

THANK YOU to the fantastic dive team of Chris W, Ben, Sam & Claire fully supported by our new timekeeper/supervisor Natalie ????We are back to LSST on Wednesday for more scuba club fun then back again Saturday to give more people a first exciting taste of scuba diving.

HAVE a great week everyone, it’s good to be back. What a great 2022 in prospect, Hotch & Vic.

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In other news...


ALWAYS NICE to help a good cause, well done gang £80 raised for Bite Back & a few nice biscuits eaten too. Think Shark!!! OH And



WE HAVE so much fun it should be illegal  SO first up it’s welcome Logan & Chloe enjoying a fun packed PADI Discover Scuba Dive,