Time Flies!!

WHAT is that all about Christmas Trees are on sale!!! Oh well I better hurry up with this update so I can get the egg nog out 🙂

Happy divers

CONGRATULATIONS to Gaz M on becoming a PADI Underwater Navigation Instructor, to Sam on becoming a PADI Rescue Diver & Underwater Navigation Specialist, then to Mat, Norv, Tommy & Chris on gaining a brilliant Emergency First Response qualification. Then congratulations to Sam & Tommy on gaining the PADI Enriched Air Speciality & finally Phil on smashing the Hoover the Mat Silver distinction award. Well done everyone, great achievements.

IN THE POOL we welcome Peter, Rachel, Alice, Tobias, Callum, Krystyna, Adam, Claire & Dom all enjoying a first ever taste of scuba diving doing a brilliant PADI Discover Scuba Dive.

WELCOME also Tissy & Mark learning how to snorkel ahead of an amazing holiday, welcome also Ian starting a PADI Open Water Course.

BEAUTIFUL job Luke, Sam, Jayne, Neil, Joe & Lauren nailing more skills towards the PADI Open Water certification, great to see Chelsea & Chris practising freediving skills & brilliant to see Tallulah mastering the art of total relaxation underwater.

THANK YOU to the astoundingly gifted dive team; Gaz M, Gav, Skippy, Claire, Steve, Gaz W, Phil, Marco, Ron & Aston.

POOL Next Saturday & then only two more pools in 2023!! YIKES!! Have a great week everyone Hotch & Vic

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In other news...


ALWAYS NICE to help a good cause, well done gang £80 raised for Bite Back & a few nice biscuits eaten too. Think Shark!!! OH And



WE HAVE so much fun it should be illegal  SO first up it’s welcome Logan & Chloe enjoying a fun packed PADI Discover Scuba Dive,