Sunday Update:

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Sunday Update: In the pool, what a great morning, well done Debbie on completing your confined water sessions, great work faultless and fun.  YE HAA!!  Welcome welcome to Brad, Brad & Sam great to see you having fun on your DSD’s look forward to starting your Open Water courses on the 30th.  A big welcome to to Ellis our new seal, great to see you having fun with Nat & our expert seal Jasmine in the capable hands of Mrs Hotch.  A pleasure to see Becky again, warming up for her open water next week, always good to see Adam & Lewis and thanks to Lance (Mr Rescue) Mic & Major as always our expert Divemasters, great to see Neil again too.  Good luck Major for the knee opp next week, we will be thinking of you.  Have a good week, Hotch.

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