What a Beautiful Pool Session!!

WHAT is going on in Ben’s brief?! Sometimes it’s best not to ask!

What is happening in Bens Brief?!

OK SO POOL!! It’s welcome to Marie loving a PADI Discover Scuba Dive & welcome to our latest PADI Open Water students Noah, Kieran, Perl, Eleanor, Bradley & Darren.

GREAT to see Kirsty, Ewen, Paul, Stephen, Max, Sean, Mr G, Tallulah, Keith, Ian & Darcey mastering more skills towards their PADI Open Water Course. Always a pleasure to see our PADI Seals Oliver & Thomas and lovey to see Simon & Tracey having a swim around.

THANK YOU to the mind blowing dive team; Ian, Chris, Gaz M, Seasick, Ben, Claire, Nanny, Steve, Hannah & Mark W.

LET THIS be the last of the snow, come on Spring, take care Hotch & Vic

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In other news...


WE HAVE so much fun it should be illegal  SO first up it’s welcome Logan & Chloe enjoying a fun packed PADI Discover Scuba Dive,


It’s all go!!

BEHIND the scenes is just as busy! Nice supervision Cathy OH AND then there was the pool; welcome Lee, Adam & Mel enjoying fun PADI