Now that’s a trip!!

Back to normal….seriously!! I had to wear something called a “Coat” & “Socks” today!! So while we shake off our jet lag it’s a great time to reflect on our club trip to the Philippines! Philippines White Tip - Stellar Divers - PADIIt was an amazing adventure and all wrapped up with some milestones too! So huge congratulations to Margaret on achieving 1000 dives & Rachel on her first 100! The memories will keep us smiling for ages; from the amazing Thresher Sharks, stunning Whale Sharks, swimming with millions of Sardines, Gato island with white tips in the caves, & phenomenal sea life. Oh plus…. there was the legendary “room one wave”, “The Penguin”, “Valhalla”, “Tessy” “smoke alarms on an airbus A380!!”, “Skeleton Crabs” Petra’s bithday, a massive family surprise (and a noisy night) catching up with old friends (Bubble free Kevin) & the icing on the cake was quite simply the people we met who made it all very special. So all it leaves me to say is a huge thank you to Philippine Dive Holidays, Kasai Village Dive & Spa Resort & Malapascua Exotic Island Dive Resort for making the magic happen. Check out the club page for hundreds more pictures; this is just one to set the mood. Have a great week everyone, Hotch & Vic

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In other news...


WE HAVE so much fun it should be illegal  SO first up it’s welcome Logan & Chloe enjoying a fun packed PADI Discover Scuba Dive,


It’s all go!!

BEHIND the scenes is just as busy! Nice supervision Cathy OH AND then there was the pool; welcome Lee, Adam & Mel enjoying fun PADI