Meet our PADI Master Scuba Divers

Rachel Abbott – PADI Master Scuba Diver

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Chrissy Howell – PADI Master Scuba Diver

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Hannah Wright – PADI Master Scuba Diver

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Cameron Cullen – PADI Master Scuba Diver

I first put diving kit on at the age of 5 and I fell in love with it but it was only around the age of 12 when I started diving more frequently. At the age of 12 I achieved my Junior Advanced Open Water and by the age of 13 I gained Junior Rescue Diver. I really enjoy diving because it teaches me new skills and helps build my knowledge around oceans and ocean life.

I also think that when I go diving all of my worries go away and it is a great way to relax, meet new friends and have a laugh. I have dived in Fuerteventura, Israel, Spain, Gibraltar, Taba and Sharm El Sheik in Egypt. I have also dived around the UK. My favourite dive was in Egypt when I saw a white tip reed shark, an eagle ray, a couple of turtles and an eel. I am Currently 14 with 50+ dives under my belt, I have 6 specialties which include: Peak Performance Buoyancy, Search and Rescue, Underwater Navigator, Nitrox, Underwater Photographer and Dry Suit. Once I am 15 I hope to do the Deep Dive and Wreck Dive specialities. Hotch, Vic and other staff members have made my journey very enjoyable but I couldn’t have made it this far without my Mum and I am very grateful. I can’t wait to start working towards my PADI Divemaster when I’m 18 and hopefully gain more experience as I dive more. When I go through my Dive Master course I want to try and help other people learning new skills and watching them gain in confidence.


David O’Connor – PADI Master Scuba Diver

“I came to diving after retirement; passing my Open Water plus Drysuit specialty with Stellar Divers in March 2015 at Capernwray – aged 61 with snow on the hills and 4 degrees in the water!

PADI Lincoln - Stellar Divers - David O'ConnorDespite the icicles on my nose I really caught the diving bug and have already dived in several parts of the UK, Holland, Greece, the Azores and the Canaries adding PADI Deep, Nitrox, Peak Performance Buoyancy, Navigation, and Wreck specialties plus Rescue Diver certification during 80+ dives within the year.

Diving has also been my focus for getting and keeping fit. That’s even more important now as I am being treated for prostate cancer; but that improved fitness means I’ll be able to continue blowing bubbles after a winter break. Diving really is a sport for everyone and I aim to be part of the Stellar family for many years to come. The more I dive the more I want to learn and experience and trips are planned in 2016 to the Canaries, Red Sea, Iceland, Netherlands Antilles, Madeira and more of the UK. 2017 should take me to the Canadian Great Lakes, Vancouver Island and more. After that, who knows? except that it will be great fun in great places with great people!”

Petra Pollux – PADI Master Scuba Diver

Petra grew up in Holland where as a child she developed a fascination with clogs, having amassed a collection of around a thousand she turned her passion to bulb growing.  Modesty prevails; Petra will not mention this but she produced a hybrid bulb known as the Pertonella Maximus Polluxitium, it has a beautiful blue flower that blooms in the spring and oddly has a neoprene aroma!

Stellar Divers, PADI 5 Star dive centre,Scuba School and club LincolnPetra packed her clogs and leaving Holland with a bag full of bulbs headed for the UK in a rowing boat.  In a soho bar and over a Guinness and bag of pork scratchings Petra saw an old episode of “Voyage to the bottom of the sea” with a clog wearing giant octopus in it, that was that, she was now hooked into diving.  Petra leaned to dive several years ago and driven by her passion to meet a giant clog wearing octopus soon progressed through the ranks with Stellar.

After a short period on the run from the Dutch Bulb police Petra returned and assuming her new identity and now with a Master Scuba Diver certificate engaged herself on the Divemaster programme.  After successfully passing the course Petra now teaches & helps out at Stellar Divers. Petra is waiting to meet you to give you her expert dive/bulb growing advice.

Siân Jones – PADI Master Scuba Diver

Sian PADI Master Scuba Diver - Stellar Divers - LincolnI found my love for diving August 2014 when on a holiday in the Caribbean, after the try dive I wanted to take the Open Water so that I could do more dives. Mum and Dad thought I wouldn’t carry on when back in England, but how wrong were they!

So from the Caribbean sea to Capernwray I knew that scuba diving was for me and so I joined Stellar Divers. Both Hotch and Vic have taken me through my specialities and rescue course but more recently I was lucky enough to go to the Azores to do my 50th dive with Hotch qualifying me for my MSD two days before my 16th birthday. I’m only one year into diving and hopefully got many more to come.

Victoria Mumby – PADI Master Scuba Diver

Tori - Stellar Divers PADI 5 Star Dive Centre LincolnI started diving with Stellar in 2012 and I haven’t looked back since.  

I loved scuba diving from the first moment I got into Open Water.  I soon progressed to Advanced Open Water & securing some diver specialities along the way I became a PADI Rescue Diver in 2013.  

I completed my 50th dive with Hotch in 2015 and completed my Deep diver & DPV specialities to become a PADI Master Scuba Diver.  

I can’t wait until I’m 18 so I can progress to Divemaster.


Sarah & Darren Buckley – PADI Master Scuba Divers

Darren & Sarah, Re Breather Try DivesWe started diving in Sumer 2012 and have been hooked ever since. We had dived in UK and extensively abroad before we decided to expand our diving skills and do many a range of specialities with Stellar, ultimately becoming PADI Rescue Divers in 2014 & PADI Master Scuba Divers in 2015.

Our passion for diving and enjoying holidays works hand in hand and we look forward to many more warm and cold water dives both here and abroad.

We have recently tried our hand at Re Breather diving, now the was fun 🙂 Watch this space. We look forward to seeing you in the water somewhere soon.

Duncan Howells – PADI Master Scuba Diver

Duncan Howells PADI Master Scuba DiverI started diving 11 years ago and have now logged over 300 dives- always looking to reach new milestones!
I remember my try dive – I thought I was James Bond –haha!

Having spent a lot of time cold water diving in UK waters, inland sites, South coast, Scapa Flow, Anglesey etc., I really enjoy the warm water dives. Portugal, Spain, Malta, Italy (awesome site near Elba!) Croatia, Greece and now the Azores! Hoping to get a bit further afield… Hotch and Vic have made this qualification possible and really added to my experience and knowledge – very much appreciated. 

John Hemingway – PADI Master Scuba Diver

John Hemingway PADI Master Scuba Diver
I started diving just a year ago at the age of 66 and must admit to feeling my age sometimes with a 15 litre cylinder and a pony bottle on my back.

While I am pleased to have reached this level with around 70 dives, it is only now that I feel, with Simon’s help, that I am actually improving my skills and understanding what I am doing.
I dive with the Nautical Archaeological Society which I would recommend to anyone who is interested in wrecks and understanding our underwater heritage and moving forward I am interested in the more technical aspects of diving.

But it is all an excuse to dive really, because whether it is in a wet suit in the warm or in a dry suit in the North Sea, I just love being in the water.

Hayley May – PADI Master Scuba Diver

Hayley May PADI Master Scuba DiverI have been intrigued by whats below the water for years, In 2011 I decided to have a go at scuba diving.
Stellar has taken me from the first nervous pool session (can I breath under water?! No way :-)) all the way to proudly achieving my MSD in July 2014 at stoney cove.

As for the sea life, I will never tire of seeing it up close and personal.

With Hotch, Vic and the team it’s been a fun filled experience that has given me so much confidence.
MSD now, next year hopefully PADI Divemaster.

Mick May – PADI Master Scuba Diver

Mick May - PADI Master Scuba DiverI have been diving about 3 years with nearly 100 logged dives and was one of Stellar’s very first students.  Under the tuition of Mr Hotch, I completed my MSD in the warm clear waters of the carribean although I don’t mind diving in the UK in the summer months I much prefer warmer waters (I don’t like the cold).
I have just completed my 6th speciality and hope to maybe start my Dive Master course in the near future.

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