Integrated Service Centre

We are delighted to specialise and offer in house servicing for all major manufactures including: MARES, APEKS, AQUA LUNG, CRESSI, HOLLIS, OCEANIC, ATOMIC & POSEIDON

Why should you bother servicing your scuba kit?!

Well to answer that; let’s ask you how much you value your life or the life of your buddy?

Example of internal corrosion caused by water in a fist stage.

That may sound dramatic but think, your regulators provide you with breathing air underwater, keeping you alive in an environment that cannot support human life unaided. Now for me the condition of the regulators, BCD and dry suit matters! Keeping your scuba equipment in good condition, servicing it in line with manufacturer’s & Health & Safety Executive (HSE) legislation is not only a good idea, it is one that will in certain situations protect you personally, legally and keep your valuable insurance valid.

Your scuba regulators are complex and finely balanced instruments and as such they need caring for. They need correct rinsing, storage and servicing by dedicated professionals, take care of them and they will take care of you!

Our service team – has over 20 years of experience in recreational & technical regulator servicing.  We can offer servicing on any make of scuba regulator, something that we are proud of and is unique in the area.

So how often must they be serviced?

Scuba Regulators – should be serviced annually (or in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions)

Buoyancy Control Devices (BCD’s) – should be serviced annually (or in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions)

Scuba Cylinders – Breathing Air cylinders should be visually inspected every 2.5 years and hydrostatically tested every 5 years in line with BS EN 1968:2002 for Steel Gas Containers, and BS EN 1802:2002 for Aluminium Gas Containers. The cylinders once tested MUST be stamped or durably marked in line with ISO 13769:2018.

So after a 5 year hydrostatic test the cylinder neck must be stamped with the test date and testers identity, after a 2.5 year visual inspection a durable label must be attached to the cylinder showing the future Hydrostatic test date.

If you have a cylinder that is used for enriched air blends this MUST be tested and O2 cleaned, annually!

Air Gun (Surface Use) Cylinders – These are slightly different, as they are used out of water and have a surface use valve (typically including a pressure gauge in the valve) they require a 5 year hydrostatic test only, however as safety is key if a surface use cylinder is filled from a non breathing air compliant compressor it is possible for water to build up in the cylinder causing internal corrosion.

What does it all cost?

This depends on the make/type of equipment and the work that is required to be done. As a guide:

Regulator servicing starts at £87

BCD servicing starts at £35

Cylinder servicing starts at £38 + parts

Cylinder fills start at £5

We are proud of the quality of servicing we deliver, all work is fully guaranteed and you have our word that we will treat your scuba gear as if it’s our own.  Please contact us via this site or call the office for all your service needs.

Need an air fill?

We have a fully HSE Compliant 300 bar filling station in house, call in; have a coffee and get a first class fill while you wait. We welcome scuba divers, air gun enthusiasts and anyone who needs the best breathing air quality air fills.