A Life Less Ordinary

Scuba diving is freedom; freedom from gravity and the restraints on the land, it allows everyone to be at one, to be equal.

At Stellar we pride ourselves on inclusivity on all levels. We are especially proud of our ability to offer scuba diving to divers of differing abilities whether learning or physical.

Nic doing his rebreather course

Our Adaptive Techniques approach allows our team to give people an opportunity to dive who would otherwise miss out.

Our Pool has easy access straight from the street that allows wheelchair bound divers to get straight to pool side. We also have a hoist facility that allows people with limited mobility to enter the water.

Our Hub has been designed with different learning styles in mind, the colours, textures and environment gives a different level of interest and engagement to cater for all needs. The facility has easy street access for disabled and able bodied alike. Our training area, toilet and changing facilities are all designed and built with wheelchair users in mind. We offer disabled parking and intercom assistance.

Our Open Water Sites that we choose to dive & train at are specifically chosen to cater for divers of all physical needs. We always have simple access to the water & our team can facilitate any entry and exit requirements that are needed.

Our Team have a long and successful history of working with divers of all abilities. They are trained in the philosophy of the PADI Adaptive Techniques Specialty course. It is designed to give PADI Professionals prescriptive approaches to allow them to adapt techniques to meet diver needs.

Specific training is critical for dealing with people with differing ability. This is why at Stellar we offer the brilliant PADI Adaptive Techniques Instructor Speciality. This course is designed to allow PADI Professionals to:

Become more aware and mindful of individual considerations when introducing people with disabilities to diving or freediving.

Explore adaptive techniques that can be applied while supervising and training divers or freedivers with disabilities in PADI courses and programs.

Properly counsel and direct student divers, based on their abilities, toward PADI certification, PADI experience programs or a disabilities-dedicated diving organization for limited certification programs.

Learn additional techniques to motivate and encourage student divers with mental and/or physical challenges.

Stellar has a PADI Adaptive Techniques Instructor trainer on board so we can offer this course to any qualifying PADI Professional. The course consists of knowledge development, two confined water skill development workshops and two open water workshops. In addition, a subset of this course, PADI Adaptive Support Diver, will interest divers who want to learn how they can best support dive buddies who have physical or mental challenges.