Shark Diving

Working in partnership with Skegness Aquarium.

One of the biggest thrills that you can have when scuba diving is to see sharks & rays on a dive, there is a certain buzz associated with being near these amazing creatures, their majesty, their allure is something very special indeed & something only scuba divers can properly experience.

Skegness AquariumThe only problem that we divers have is that to see these beautiful animals we have to get on a plane and travel to some exotic locations around the planet.

Well that is certainly one way & something we can occasionally do BUT what would you say if you had a place where you can go, in Lincolnshire & see the same Sharks, Rays and a host of other fascinating see creatures in a beautiful environment?

Sound interesting? Well you can now!

Sharks at Skegness Aquarium We are very proud to announce that we have partnered up with just such a place, Skegness Aquarium, where you can experience a real dive with sharks & rays in the hands of experts; see them being fed, be part of their environment and experience them close up whilst being completely safe. Whether you are a complete novice with no diving experience or an accomplished certified diver then either way you can enjoy the same experience, once, twice or as many times as you wish.

Just click on the logo above to be transported to Skegness Aquarium’s web site so you can book your experience, or call the friendly reception staff on 01754 228 200. Dive experiences at Skegness Aquarium start from just £65.

Next Steps:

Once you have completed your dive at Skegness Aquarium our partner scheme allows you to continue the scuba dream, it doesn’t have to end. Continue your journey into scuba diving and join millions of others around the world by gaining the prestigious PADI Open Water diver certification and enjoy swimming in the oceans of the world, see beautiful reefs, dive with exquisite fish life & meet some exciting people.

If you are already a qualified diver and need a great club to be part of then we can offer you everything a scuba diver needs, equipment, servicing, exciting holidays, great UK diving and so much more, it’s all there for you just contact us to join the fun.


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