What a Week!

Weekly Update:  OMG! well that about sums it up 🙂 To tell you the truth it really has been a cracking Stellar week.  LipDup has been amazing, what a great experience.  Thank you to Mark (still got it) Marsland, Hayley (Dancing Queen) May & Chris (THE Spiky Seasick) Houghton, we will keep you posted re the world premier 🙂  It was hot, it was fun, what a great Saturday Dry Suit speciality….well done, Rob Harrison, Hannah Wright, Lynn Hewison, Vicky Mumby Nat & Mark Parrinder.  Thanks to Lance & Lewis Hicks, Mr D, Mic & Anita Mumby for top support.  Then there was Sunday….Well Done Becky Hicks & Neil Mumby on completing your confined water dives, Open Water here you come.  Nice job Brad Halliday, Sam York & Brad Fisher Confined 2 & part of 3 DONE!!  Beautiful! The pool was full of seals, great fun was had by Natalie, Teah, Ellis & George.  Nice as always to see Steve Thomas, good to see James many thanks for awesome DMing Mr D, Seasick & Mic.  Thanks to Lance Hicks for keeping us all safe and sound (and for doing everything else 🙂 ) Great to see Chris Wilkinson & Wanda for breakfast, I’m sure you will join with us in wishing Chris all the best for his back operation tomorrow.  Speedy recovery, we will be thinking about you.  Have a great week everyone.  Thanks Hotch

Weekly Update:

Well it has been a busy one for sure. Well done to Lynn Hewison, Rob Harrison & Hannah Wright on getting you PADI Enriched Air Certifications last Sunday evening, loved the impromptu BBQ, great treat. I’ve been hard at it myself too doing my PADI Re Breather & Advanced Re Breather course with Martin & Gen from Blue Lagoon. Thank you both, great course great fun, thanks also to my buddy Gary (Grease it) Molson. Sunday’s pool has been great too, congratulations to our newest certified seal Sophie, great job. Well done Becky Hicks & Neil Mumby on easily completing the rest of Confined 3 & 4 (despite Mic & I being back peddling dead weights in the tired diver tow….I’m sure there was a conga at one point too! Far too much fun going on 🙂 ) Fantastic DSD Wayne Sargent, you looked like a complete natural. On to Open Water it is 🙂 Great to see Spillage and More Kit Malone in for a dip, nice to see Chris Wilkinson for a visit, Neil Hampshire, Lewis Hicks, Vicky Mumby, Natalie too and a special thanks to Lance Hicks for awesome surface cover and van packing. Beautiful DM skills as always Mic Martin & Chris “Seasick” Houghton. Enjoy your week, get plenty of suncream on!! Thanks Hotch.