PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer

You are a PADI Instructor! Brilliant, what a great achievement BUT you can do so much more. Becoming a PADI MSDT is the next step on your Instructor journey.

Teach PADI Diver specialities & give back the experience you have gained along the way. Under the tutelage of our PADI Course Director, (supported by the Senior Team) learn not only how to deliver & evaluate PADI Diver Specialities but also learn the tips, tricks & nuances that will make you a supreme speciality instructor.


The Prerequisits to become a PADI MSDT are:

  • Be a Teaching Status PADI Instructor
  • Have 25 diver certifications (no more than 5 from non diving specialities such as EANx or Equipment Speciality plus and no more than 5 from PADI Seal Team or Master Seal Team)

You will have the choice to self certify yourself for the PADI specialities, this may be your only option remember though that you will miss out on the guidance & mentoring from a PADI Course Director.

To complete your PADI MSDT enrol today, we have two choices for you with Stellar; you can do PADI Diver Specialities individually or select the 5 Speciality MSDT package, to get more information please contact the Dive Team, we look forward to hearing from you.