PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer

You are a PADI Instructor! Brilliant, what a great achievement BUT you can do so much more. Becoming a PADI MSDT is the next step on your Instructor journey.

Teach PADI Diver specialities & give back the experience you have gained along the way. Under the tutelage of our PADI Course Director, (supported by the Senior Team) learn not only how to deliver & evaluate PADI Diver Specialities but also learn the tips, tricks & nuances that will make you a supreme speciality instructor.


The Prerequisits to become a PADI MSDT are:

  • Be a Teaching Status PADI Instructor
  • Have 25 diver certifications (no more than 5 from non diving specialities such as EANx or Emergency Oxygen Provider plus and no more than 5 from PADI Seal Team or Master Seal Team)

Our £250 package includes the following Instructor specialities:

Digital Underwater Photography

Enriched Air Nitrox


Diver Propulsion Vehicle

Emergency Oxygen Provider

You can of course elect to do different Instructor specialities for information & pricing please contact the Dive Team who will be delighted to give you guidance, we look forward to hearing from you.